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Reviewing licensing data from within HP SIM 6.2 ?


Reviewing licensing data from within HP SIM 6.2 ?

My company's SIM 6.2 installation has traditionally been used primarily for hardware monitoring and very light reporting purposes.  I've recently been asked to provide some data on warranty and HP software licensing information for the company's servers and have been struggling to find where to pull this data from. 


When I access SIM's report function and try to build a custom report, I noticed that the "General" section has a "Warranty-Contract" section.  When I select these items and run the report, there's no data available though.  The output is blank.


From within SIM, if I go to DEPLOY and then License Manager, and then "Collect Remote License Info", I get no relevant data here either.  After selecting some servers, I receive this error:  "Credentials not found. Update the credentials using sign-in credentials or global settings."  


I already have global credentials configured in SIM that have administrative rights on my sample of servers (verified with direct logins), and am at a loss in regards to why I would receive this error?


Is there a seperate SIM plugin of some sort that must be installed/configured prior to being able to pull this type of data?