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SIM 6.1 does not send email notifications on Alerts


SIM 6.1 does not send email notifications on Alerts


I have a system setup with Insight Control 6.1 and SIM has been setup to monitor all my Blade Enclosures. I setup a custom Task to alert of any Critical and Major alerts and to forward an email.

I sent test emails to ensure the SMTP server is working and these come through fine.

However i then ran a test where i took some power supplies and fans out of the Enclosure and these alerts were raised in SIM, but no emails were forwarded.

Can somebody advise why that may be as test emails work but not alert generated ones are not. My SMTP server does not require any authentication.

Thanks in advance.
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Re: SIM 6.1 does not send email notifications on Alerts

1. If you created an event automation you can verify the status task. Some times you get a clue for the real problem. I would compare the time of the last run of your event automation task and your SIM event. If they have the same time stamp you can check if the task was ending with success.

2. In case you wanted to see the email with all the information about a hardware failure (part-,serial-,part number and repair information) you need to check if your WEBES (Part of Insight Remote Support Advanced ) mail notification is configured correct.