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SIM Discovery Issue

Frequent Advisor

SIM Discovery Issue

Hello All,

I have a setup with rx8620 server, C3000 blades and some switches which are all managed through SIM. Recently the rx machine is downgraded from rx8640 to rx8620. I have some discovery issue with the SIM after the hardware replacement. So i want to delete all the machines from the SIM db and rediscover the machines. Is it possible to delete the managed nodes from the SIM db and rediscover them freshly. Please Advise.

Jayaprakash S.

Re: SIM Discovery Issue

It is pretty easy.
If you are looking at the list of systems that you are managing in table view you can check the boxes next to the ones you want to delete. (There is a check box at the top that will select all) Then at the bottom, click the delete button. All but the HP SIM box will be deleted. Then go to Options --> Discovery task and run the task that will discover the IP segments that you want discovered.