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SIM vs Insight control


SIM vs Insight control

I use both the HP SIM Tool and RDP. I hear that I can use them from a single console. Does this mean that I have to replace SIM with the ICE console (which I have licensing for).
Is there a way to keep my existing Data? Also How do I add My RDP into SIM, or the ICE if I have to replace SIM with ICE?

Re: SIM vs Insight control

There is very little difference in the way HP SIM and Insight Control work both for SIM and RDP. The difference is mostly one of marketing names rather than functional. Yes there is a web console for RDP but I never use it. The ICE console is the SIM console. Frankly I have the latest ICE software and have noticed no real differences there.

I just requested the software from HP and downloaded it. No licensing cost upgrades. As for plugging in your old RDP licenses that has not changed either.

Which data are you trying to keep? SIM or RDP? I never bothered to keep any of it. I just ensured that I saved all my RDP jobs and all the software folders. If you do then ou probably have to reattach the old database after the install has finished and you have confirmed every thing is working.So much of the install is simplified now that I never saw the option. Also I wanted to ensure a clean install so there was less chance of corruption.

So what has changed with ICE? Much better installer, less steps and easier to get the pre-requisites (use their tool for that). The protocols are greatly simplified so SIM discovery much more reliable and easier. More servers were monitored right out of box than ever before. Generally the system is more reliable.

As for RDP, you get Windows 7 and 2008R2 support (not Sp1 yet), better VM support too. However, the way it builds servers is not as good and takes a while to convert. HW config, OS install and HP SmartStart are all individual jobs now. They are making you do more of the work. Took me a lot of time to redo all the jobs in the new format.

If you are not prepared for that then copy in your old lib folder and re import all your old jobs into RDP. That should still work.

I would recommend the upgrade but just ensure you have backed up eveything and you have read the HW specs as they have gone up too.