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Software Version Status: Unknown


Software Version Status: Unknown

All of my servers have status unknown.  


I have SIM 7.2 patched to 7.2.2 on an Oracle virtual box running Centos and a VCRM installed on a separate physical Windows server.  


I seemingly have the comms working fine between the agents and the VCRM.  All the severs show up with their various statuses just fine in the VCRM.  


On SIM I have assigned the VCRM and configured the baselines and assigned them to all the servers.  

I can see the software installed on each server if run "Track Software and Firmware Versions".  

However, it does not show anything next to Support Pack Version or Latest Version for any of my servers.  


It does show this information on the VCRM though.


I have run Data Collection a few times and also Software Version Status Polling a  number of times and the status never changes.  


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated