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SSH Keys

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SSH Keys

I am having problems with SSH. I have put the contents of in the authorized_keys files for user (on a Linux system). From another linux system I can do the same thing (using keys generated there) and auto login. But the CMS always gets prompted for a password.

The contents of indicates it is for Administrator, who I am logged in as.

Should I be able to ssh as administrator to a host that has this key in authorized_keys? If so, maybe the keys are bad and I need to regenerate but I can't find anything that says how to do this.
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Re: SSH Keys

The matching private key of has a randomly generated password protect it. It's intented to be only used by HPSIM.

However, you can generate a keypair and import them to hpsim. however, the private key have to have a password to protect it and the password need to be imported to HPSIM as well. In addition, if you changed the HPSIM's SSH key, then you have to reconfigure all the target system to accept the new ssh key.