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System Management Homepage shows no information

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System Management Homepage shows no information

When we try to open the local system management homepage ( the login screen appears. After logging in the message "loading data, please wait...". A couple of secondes later, the system management homepage shows up but only displays: "Overall System Status: no failed/degrade items". If I try to click on any links on the left side (e.g. HP Foundation Agent) a message box pops up with the warning: "Content for this Integrated Agent is linked into tabs ans boxes on the right" (see attached screenshots)

Since this sever belongs to a cluster, we have a second system on which the System Management Homepage is shwoing up correctly.

Any idea why the management homepage does not show up the right way on the first system?

Thanks for your help

HP Insight Management Agents for Windows 200/Server 2003 Version:
HP System Management Homepage for Windows Version:
Windows 2003 ServerEnterprise Edt. SP1



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Re: System Management Homepage shows no information

Make sure SNMP is installed and configured properly and and HP foundation agents are installed and started.

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Re: System Management Homepage shows no information

If you force all bundle updates and then click "configure now" against the Insight Management Agents product you can check to enable SNMP sets and a collection interval. (You must have first installed the windows component SNMP - This worked for me.

Re: System Management Homepage shows no information

I have had this issue as well.

Not sure how it happened, but the "System Management Homepage" software is installed, but the rest of the Insight agents are not. I would have expected that they are all installed together.

You may need to run the install again and confirm that the agents are installed as well.