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Systems Insight Manager alerts

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Systems Insight Manager alerts

I'm hopeful I am posting this to the appropriate community.

I installed System Insight Manager (v5.3 SP1) several months ago so that I could get hardware alerts from my HP DL360 G5 running VMware ESXi. This monitoring has been working well. I also had SIM discover some DL360 G4's in other offices, just to give me an idea if/when there are WAN problems, and those machines suddenly become unreachable.

I have recently added 4 DL360 G6's running VMware v4.0, one in each office. In each of the remote offices, I have had to suspend monitoring of those G6's, because the number of erroneous alerts is out of control. Specifically, when it starts, I receive 2 alerts every 4 minutes. The first has the title "(System): (WBEM) Threshold exceeded condition recovery", then within 15 seconds the next alert comes "(System): (WBEM) Temperature threshold exceeded detected:"

When I check iLO, SIM and VMware, they all show all sensors are normal. The detail in HP SIM shows "Temperature Sensor 0". When I check the status of that sensor in SIM, I see that the location is the CPU board, and it shows "OK". Looking in iLO, I don't see a sensor 0. For "Temp 2/CPU 1", the current reading is 40c, with a caution threshold of 82c. All other temps are well within range.

Any idea as to what is causing these alerts on just 3 of my G6's running VMware ESXi? I upgraded the BIOS on these servers to the latest last week.