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Temporarily disabling ILO SNMP trap forwarding

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Temporarily disabling ILO SNMP trap forwarding


Several of our ILO's are set up to forward SNMP traps to HPSIM.
Several of these servers have a nightly or weekly reboot/maintenance cycle, so of course the ILO's will report server reboot at these times.

I want to stop these alertsfrom appearing at these specific reboot times.

Now it was no problem turning of data collection for the HPSIM agent alerts for a period (15 minutes). There is a standard function to do this ("Suspend or Resume Monitoring")

But I cannot find a way to do the same for the ILO SNMP traps. The "Suspend or Resume Monitoring" task doesn't seem to effect the recieving of SNMP traps.

Does anyone have an idea how to do this?
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Re: Temporarily disabling ILO SNMP trap forwarding

You do not have the same nice feature like suspend / resume Monitoring but you can use the event filter options-Event filter setings -> lower right plane: Discard SNMP traps from discovered systems in IP ranges:

Take care in some browsers the selection box change sometimes.

I never tried it but perhaps you will be able to set an unset the configuration by an CLI mx command.