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Timeout errors still present after upgrading to HPSIM 6.0

Super Advisor

Timeout errors still present after upgrading to HPSIM 6.0

This error is really nothing new, but we were kind of hoping for SIM 6.0 to maybe, possibly solve this, but it hasn't, and so my question.

We have continuous timeout errors in the HP System Mgmt Homepage. On a monitored server this is usually because the VCA cannot communicate with the VCRM, and therefore "normal". However on the SIM server itself, the SMH stops rather frequently, presumably because of all the incoming connections to SIM and/or VCRM ?

Anyway, restarting the SMH works fine but we're now restarting it three times per day already and going up to four times per day, soon it looks like it will be more down that up :)

Any ideas on what to look for ? The SIM server is a Windows 2008 R2 x64 server with lots of RAM, no shortage of anything, except if the SMH itself runs out of memory in some way, but hpsmhd.exe looks like a 64-bit process (?) and so I didn't think it should have any problems allocating what it requires ?