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Tunnel or SSL Forbidden error in SIM 6.2

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Tunnel or SSL Forbidden error in SIM 6.2

Hello everyone,
I performed an update for SIM from 5.3U2 to 6.2.

After this update we are reporting the following error while trying to access to the server management home page from the SIM interface:
"Description: 2381 is not an allowed port for Tunnel or SSL connections".

This seem to happen for all of our monitored server from the SIM while the management homepage works well if directly accessed from the browser.

Any suggestion please?
Thank you in advance,

Re: Tunnel or SSL Forbidden error in SIM 6.2

Hi ES,

You seemed to have lost communication with managed system after upgrade and you need to reestablish SSL connection.

select affected server and check through manage connections option

Run the repair agent task to repair agents and re-establish SSL connections.

Apply Hotfix Update Kit for HP SIM 6.2

hope this helps,

I work for HPE
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