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Upgrade HPSIM from DVD ICE

Occasional Contributor

Upgrade HPSIM from DVD ICE


For the customer I have the following problem. Can this problem someone help?

The customer already has installed HP SIM. He install not it from DVD ICE. Now to install the other components of the DVD ICE (ISDVD310) and the has not 10 gigabytes of free disk space. Startup Wizard from this DVD will not allow him to continue with the installation.

On the display it will appear the following error:

HP Insight Software Installer
Insufficient space to install on Drive C. For the current configuration HP Insight Software requires 10 GB of free disk space.

Some components can be installed separately using the option „Products“ in Windows „HP Insight Software“
But some components cannot be installed separately as an example „HP Insight Software Service“. I have not found any information how to install this program separately.

Where can I find some information on this software package?


Aleš Kostohryz