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using AMS (agentless management service) ?

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using AMS (agentless management service) ?



Anyone is using HP AMS (agentless management service) ? I tested it (on RHEL Linux) and it seems to be working (through iLO) with Sytem Insight Manager, but SMH (System Management Homepage) doesn't work - it depends (at least on Linux) on SNMP agents. So, using AMS seems a bit useless ?

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Re: using AMS (agentless management service) ?

Unfortunately, I believe if you want to use the SMH you need to load the full agent package.

AMS is good for a number of reasons, mainly that it is agentless (almost) :) Really, it's a 'set it and forget it' type of service so it's not likely best for teams that like to use the entire bundle of tools. However, the iLO does show you the same information, just presented a bit differently. You need to use this with VMware ESXi anyhow (no SMH) so I am switching everything over to be consistent.

Think of this way - you can configure your iLOs remotely, have them register in IRS if you use it, and send a trap to SIM to autodiscover all without touching any installation packages. I am trying to weigh this against the pain of managing agents now and what we'd lost by not loading the SMH, etc.. it's really just a culture change. AMS is still developing.. i assume by the Gen9 HW we'll see a vast improvement on functions. There is a grid published that shows you what AMS + iLO can do vs. iLO + Agents and SMH. There are still some things missing.. but for me it is still work investigating.