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VCRM - Slow and still validating

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VCRM - Slow and still validating

How can I speed up the validation or start over?
I deleted some service packs I no longer needed, deleted some other items, told it to rebuild.. It's been going a week now, still saying it's downloading, rebuilding, rescanning..

Is there a way to start over at "zero"? I'm just not sure what's going on or why this is taking so long.
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Re: VCRM - Slow and still validating

what is the VCRM version running?

From When VCRM became slow. After doing autoupdate or some thing?

try to Stop VCRM service and Start.

to Start Over:
- Change the VCRM repository folder to a new folder [e.g c:\NewRepo] then upload support packs from old repository folder.