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VCRM Url for Firewall and 440 error for catalogindex/meta xml

Occasional Contributor

VCRM Url for Firewall and 440 error for catalogindex/meta xml

Hi, who know, does these urls is actual for vcrm automatic updates? &
Or now we need use

And maybe anybody know, why i get this error in auto update repository:

Invalid HTTP status 404 trying to read file remote file
Error downloading remote file to local file C:\Repository\SPP2017071.2017_0718.11.iso.
Error for file: SPP2017040.2017_0420.14.iso
Error code: 2147500037

I got many message this 404 error

Occasional Contributor

Re: VCRM Url for Firewall and 404 error for atalogindex/mea xml

answer for my first question:

but i need help with 404 error. also i have this error when start update from, when ACRM download xml(catalogindex,meta, etc..). i tried open error link in my browser and also have a 404 error, at 5 tryies 1 open and 4 errors.
url :

i tried set administrator as logon user for hp servicies and it is doesn;t help me. Maybe who know, how i can repair this error, or maybe it realy problem on site HP and this files realy not exist on the server?