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VCRM won't stay running

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VCRM won't stay running

Have the latest version running.. and the VCRM will not stay online.

Running Windows 2008 64 bit, 36G of ram, tons of drive space... but VCRM won't stay up.

EVENT ID 7034:

The HP Version Control Repository Manager service terminated unexpectedly. It has done this 137 time(s).

For more information, see Help and Support Center at
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Re: VCRM won't stay running

What is the version of VCRM used? try to use the recent version.

1) Change the Repository to a new Empty folder (with no files).

2) use VCRM->Home->Upload Support Pack wizard and upload bundles from the old repository.

Check VCRM "log" tab for any error.

VCRM crash might be due to recognizing a unknown or invalid components!
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Re: VCRM won't stay running

Have already done the point at an empty folder.. that doesn't work. Even went in and unselected all service packs, letting it self-populate from clients that contact it...
still doesn't work.

Didn't bother with the unload/load.. doesn't stay running.

Nothing in the logs with errors. Just stops.. logs full of VCRM Service started successfully.

The version I'm running? the latest one.
This is on a fresh Win2008 64 bit install too.

Seems that v2.something works.. if I drop VCRM back to that.. but this 6.0.84x doesn't work... Surprising to me that HP hasn't addressed this... so many people have issues.

I had the issues a version or two ago with the linux support pack that was making the one VCRM version not work... so I bounced back to the one before that.. and was running that version on my old 5.x SIM server, til we upgraded to 6.0

I may just drop back to that. This latest one just won't work.