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A6747A PCI 8 Port Mux

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A6747A PCI 8 Port Mux

I have just received my PCI MUX and it has 8 RJ45 jacks instead of 8 RS232 ports like my old mux, What kind of cable pin out do you need to go from the RJ45 to the modem? Is there a special cable or do you make it?
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Re: A6747A PCI 8 Port Mux


The easy answer is to purchase the J3830A RJ-45 to DB25 Cables. The 10-pin RJ45's are very difficult to find otherwise.

Here's the cabling:

RJ45 --------------- DB25F

10 DSR --------------- 20 DSR
9 CTS --------------- 22 CTS
8 CD --------------- 4 CD
7 SG --------------- 7 SG
6 TD --------------- 3 TD
5 NC
4 RD --------------- 2 RD
3 DTR --------------- 6 DTR
2 RTS --------------- 8 RTS
1 RI --------------- 9 RI

Regards, Clay

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Re: A6747A PCI 8 Port Mux

I found a local (St. Louis, MO, USA) Company who made them for me at $12 ea. I will give you the info if you want it.
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Re: A6747A PCI 8 Port Mux


If you were expecting a db25 card then send the RJ45 one back in exchange for the one you planned for.


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