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Custom pipeline in VAN 2.8.8, special TOOL attached!


Custom pipeline in VAN 2.8.8, special TOOL attached!

As of the VAN 2.8 release, the "pipeline-model custom" setting is supported on Aruba switches. The custom pipeline allows more efficient use of hardware resources (scaling) and multi-table OpenFlow packet processing.

If you haven't already, you can download the newest release of VAN here:

I also wanted to offer an unofficial tool which might help in building custom pipelines for Aruba switches. This tool is an HTML web page that uses javascript to construct properly-formatted JSON. It generates the format for both the VAN and RYU controllers which support Aruba custom pipelines. You can find the tool attached to the corresponding thread on the Aruba Airheads SDN forum here (the HPE forum didn't allow me to attach a .zip file):

Extended documentation for custom pipeline support in the VAN controller can be found here:

Hope this is helpful!

I am an HPE Employee