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Debugging / Flow-Follower

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Debugging / Flow-Follower



I‘m currently involved into an SDN-Project with the VAN-Controller v2.4.5 and two HP-Switches (3800 and 2920 v15.16.0004).

Now I have a few questions about the Flow-Follower function in the Web-UI and about debugging an application.

First the Flow-Follower. I expected a red highlighted path from the source to the destination, like it is with the Shortest-path function. But I only get a red line from the source to the first switch, even though there is a correct flow on the switch. Do I have to hit any key when I entered the abstract packet, or how is this working?

About debugging. The Programming-Guide says nothing about how to start a debugging session. When I start the controller as normal, the port 8787 is not open. So how can I start a debugging session?


Thank you, André

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Re: Debugging / Flow-Follower

Hi André,


I talked with R&D about the Follow Flow functionality and there are know issues that are already fixed in the next release of the controller. They are investigating releasing a patch for 2.4.5 but they haven't received any customer complaints, so they may not. If you think it is critical to get fixed in 2.4.5, then please contact support and ask them to have it fixed. Otherwise, the controller is typically updatd on a quarterly basis, so it shouldn't be too long for the next release.




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Re: Debugging / Flow-Follower



"Abstract Packet" and "Follow Flow" functionality is crippled in

"Abstract Packet" is probably read-only now (HP VAN SDN Controller 2.5 Administrator
Guide - page 52 - "The fields in the Abstract Packet window are read-only." The demo on the same page is also wrong "Protocol: 80" is "ip protocol 80 - ISO-IP ISO Internet Protocol" (not http) ? ) and does not influence "Follow Flow". There are missing fields like "Src port"/"Dst port".

When will be function again ?

Thanks, Martin Cerveny