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Dependency Satisfaction Failed Error


Dependency Satisfaction Failed Error

Hi all,


I  am developing an SDN application that registers itself as a packet listener, logs some details about those packets, and attempts to use the Twilio Java API to send SMS alerts in the event of an error. I've installed that API's developing kit on my development VM (ubuntu desktop) and on my SDN controller (running software version 2.2.5). I've also updated my project's pom.xml file to reflect this new dependency. After compiling with no errors using Maven, I am able to load the application onto my controller, but not deploy it. I get a 500: Internal Server Error with the description "Error installing application: com.TestCompany.test;cause: Dependency satisfaction failed"


What can I do to fix my dependency issue?

Trusted Contributor

Re: Dependency Satisfaction Failed Error

Hello ssrirama,


Some missing dependencies may cause the error. So please review the pom.xml and try again.

Google Chrome browser is recommended.


Since you have uploaded the application so it should be in staged state and the application can be installed.

You can also try curl command from HP Van SDN Controller Admin guide[page 77] to install the application

For e.g.

Install an Uploaded (STAGED) Application

curl --noproxy <controller_ip> --header X-Auth-Token:<authentication_token> -ksS --fail --url https://<controller_ip>:<port>/sdn/v2.0/apps/<AppId>/action/ -d install --request POST


Example of Installing an Uploaded Application

curl --noproxy --header X-Auth-Token:c405ff2d249c4a609229466c32932a82 -ksS --fail --url -d install --request POST


If you still face the problem , please share the code/logs/screen shots.