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Flowvisor running problem

New Member

Flowvisor running problem


I'm a student that is doing a researching in flowvisor and its applications.
I have a trouble to run it.
After having installed flowvisor from

I type the follow commands:

sudo -u flowvisor fvconfig generate /etc/flowvisor/config.json (No problem here)

When I type

sudo .u flowvisor flowvisor start.

The output: DB is not populated, run load configure.

I check with netstat -ntlp that there are two processes in ports 8080 e 8081 e in the port 6633, maybe flowvisor is started

I try to list all the slices with

sudo -u flowvisor fvctl /dev/null list-slices

A password is required and I leave it blank and after that I see this message "Could not reach the server at localhost:8080. Check if flowvisor is running".

I have checked on the file and it is a urllib2 error and it occurs when is not possible to contact the server.

I hope that somebody can help me.

Thank you in advance.


Re: Flowvisor running problem

I think your best option for getting flowvisor help would be to contact the flowvisor community, since this does not appear to relate to SDN on HPE Aruba switches or the VAN controller. Looking at it looks like the support alias is here:
I am an HPE Employee