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OpenFlow Multipart messages are not used by HP VAN SDN Controller

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OpenFlow Multipart messages are not used by HP VAN SDN Controller


I'm using the HP VAN SDN Ctrl with a OpenFlow switches in a simulation software - somewhat similar to mininet.

I have installed version 2.6.11 of the controller and it seems to be operational. However, when I connect OpenFlow 1.3 capable switches to the controller, only the HELLO and FEATURES_REPLY messages seem to be taken into account by the controller. This is my assumption because information from Multipart reply messages (OFPMP_DESC and OFPMP_PORT_DESC) is never reflected in the controller.

I have attached screenshots and a Wireshark packet capture (rename HP_VAN_Capture.txt to HP_VAN_Capture.pcap) showing the packet exchanges, and missing information in the controller. For this reason, I believe the controller is not able to send flow modification messages and BDDP for topology discovery to the switches.

 Additional information: Interfacing the same switches with OpenDaylight controller works fine including adding flow entries so that the controller influences traffic forwarding the switches. Hence there seems to be something we are missing that is causing problems when we use the HP controller. 

Any information is appreciated.




Re: OpenFlow Multipart messages are not used by HP VAN SDN Controller

Hi eochiengrvbd,

I took a look at the screenshots and packet capture file you posted, and it looks like the Riverbed switch you're connecting to the controller is not responding to a portion of the controller's OFPT_MULTIPART_REQUEST message, specifically the OFPMP_TABLE_FEATURES type. Without the OFPMP_TABLE_FEATURES response, the controller isn't aware of what table IDs exist (OF 1.3), which fields can be matched in each table, or which instructions can be carried out by each table. For that reason, the switch is never fully connected and ready from the controller's perspective.

You could also try using the "OpenFlow Trace" tab to see the conversation with the switch from the controller's perspective. The trace duration is adjustable under the "TraceManager" component, if you need more than 10 seconds of the conversation. Could you post a screenshot of that conversation, if you're still having issues?

I am an HPE Employee