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SDN Development forum - Read me first

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SDN Development forum - Read me first

Thank you for participating in the HP VAN SDN community forum for developers.


In this forum we are looking for your ideas, feedback, remarks and comments regarding anything to do with developing SDN solutions.  We now have a team of Solution Architects, Support and Product team members in this forum that will be able to answer your questions, as well as a community of users and beta participants to create a dialog around SDN application development.


Useful links for developers

Training & Certification

Switch Software OpenFlow guide

To acquire a license for the controller contact your reseller for the first of these SKUs (for the base). 

  • J9863AAE HP VAN SDN CTRL BASE SW W/ 50-NODE E-LTU    <  start here
  • J9864AAE HP VAN SDN CTRL 50-NODE E-LTU    <  add one for every additional 50 open flow switches
  • J9865AAE HP VAN SDN CTRL HA E-LTU   <  add for the high-availability license


Current AllianceOne partners can receive a substantial discount by purchasing a license for the controller and switches through the AllianceOne equipment acquisition program. 


Information regarding the HP Enterprise Business Community, including policies and rules of engagement, can be found in the “Quick Links” on the right of the screen.  In particular, please pay attention to the “Rules of Engagement”, which guide all on-line participation.  HP participants should be aware of HP’s Social Media and Blogging policy prior to posting.



Here are some tips to help get the best possible responses in the forum:


Quick link to the SDN Forum -


Search before posting - Use the "Search" box to see if someone has already asked and answered your question.


Use the community, not email - This way others can contribute to and benefit from the answers.

Write good titles - Put a short problem description as well as your product in the title.


Provide details - Be sure to give relevant information including:

  • Problem description
  • Product model
  • Operating System (including service pack revision if applicable)
  • Connection method, if applicable (USB, Hardwired LAN, Wireless)
  • Error messages - Both from product and/or computer


Watch for Feedback - Subscribe to email (look for the Options menu next to the New Post button in each forum for the subscribe button) or RSS updates for your question and/or check your question frequently for responses. Answer promptly any requests for additional information.


Say "Thanks" - When you get an answer to your problem acknowledge the solution. If the answer is helpful mark it with "Kudos" by clicking on the kudos button. If your problem is solved then mark it as solved. This will help others with similar issues find the solution.

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