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VAN SDN Installation

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VAN SDN Installation



I already have an open stack setup (I am using Havana) and now I am planning to install the VAN SDAN controller on one of the VM. The OS is Ubutu 12.04 LTS (64 bit).


The installation guide says I have to install Keystone. I am already running the KeyStone on my host machine. Do I still need to run Keystone on the VM where I plan to run VAN SDN Controller.  Can I not configure to point to that machine instead.  I hope this is possible. Can someone please point me to some document on how to do this.


I was going thorugh the pre-requisites and I see the following :

 -  KVM Version 2.4.5–1 and greater

-  NTP needs to be installed.


Is there anything else I am missing.


Please let me know


Thanks, Santos

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Re: VAN SDN Installation

Figured this out in the installation guide: 4.1 Setting the provider type to UUID on the remote Keystone server


Anyway, if someone can share me a document on how to install it on VM and controller the OVS running the host machine would be useful.