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VLAN Interface on HP Switches

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VLAN Interface on HP Switches

Hey everyone,


I have a few HP 5900 switches that are connected to a Ryu controller application I'm developing for a software-defined network. The switches and the app are configured to use OpenFlow 1.3. The switches also have VLAN interfaces, and I would like to add flow entries to allow hosts to ping these VLAN interfaces.


When my app sends a OFPMP_PORT_DESC message to a switch, I receive the port number and the MAC address for the VLAN interface. However, I'm having trouble adding flows that use the interface's port number. Here's an example from my app's log:


        port_no = 975
                hw_addr   = 78:48:59:ef:cb:1a
                name      = 'Vlan1234'
        add_flow(dpid=0x1): Installing new flow:
                match        = OFPMatch(oxm_fields={'eth_dst': '78:48:59:ef:cb:1a'})
                inst         = [OFPInstructionActions(actions=[OFPActionOutput(len=16,max_len=65509,port=975,type=0)],len=24,type=OFPIT_APPLY_ACTIONS)]
                priority     = OFP_DEFAULT_PRIORITY
                type=0x0002 (Error in action description)
                code=0x0004 (Problem validating output action)


This error appears only when the VLAN interface is used as the output port. The switch will accept flows that use a port number associated with a Ten-GigabitEthernet interface on the switch.


I tried searching for a solution on this board but couldn't find anything. Perhaps someone here knows of a solution for this. Is there something wrong with my OFPT_FLOW_MOD message? Does the HP 5900 allow for flows to be output to a VLAN interface? Any help would be appreciated.