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HP iSCSI Feature Pack/HP Application Storage Manager

New Member

HP iSCSI Feature Pack/HP Application Storage Manager

Two questions:

1) You seem to be able to allocate raw storage in ASM to applications with ASM handling all the work of creating first the LUNs on your array and then the iSCSI LUN, etc. question: if you have more than one array, is there any way to get ASM to use one rather than the other, without actually creating the LUN through ACU, then creating the iSCSI LUN in FP Management Console, then managing it in ASM? In other words, the "automation" of assigning raw storage is great, but kind of useless if I happen to have more than one type of storage and can't select the type I want to use. Am I missing something really obvious here?

2) I realize that HP does not currently support iSCSI Feature Pack with WSS 2003 R2. Are there any plans to do so? If not, will iSCSI LUNs crested with the HP iSCSI Feature Pack be managable/expandable with some other solution (eg the rumored MS iSCSI Feature Pack with updated SAN capabilities)?

The reason I ask is that I have not yet deployed my storage and would rather not deploy using HP IFP/ASM if this will not be supported down the road.


Benno Belhumeur
New Member

Re: HP iSCSI Feature Pack/HP Application Storage Manager

Hi there,

You can refer to this site for the iSCSI update (that support only WSS R2 not other version)

Hope its help