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Barcodescan during backup?

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Barcodescan during backup?

Hi everybody,


I´am Robert and i´ve got a very simple question:


can i perform a barcodescan while a backup is running?  or should we only scan for new tapes when no backup is running?



We use DP 6.

Thanks in advance





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Re: Barcodescan during backup?

That probably depends on the exact model of the tape library you're using.


A long time ago, I noticed that a certain HP/StorageTek tape library would automatically perform a barcode scan when it was powered up/reset or the access doors were closed, and would apparently cache the result internally (updating it as the robot arm moved tapes back & forth). When the controlling server issued a scan command, the library would simply return the barcode information from the library's internal cache.


The control panel of the library allowed you to force a real barcode scan if it was necessary, but it was never really needed: if you opened the access door, it caused a safety switch to trip, powering down the robotic mechanism and causing the library controller to automatically re-scan the entire library as soon as the door was closed again.


If your tape library behaves similarly, you should feel free to tell your backup program to run a barcode scan at any time.


Re: Barcodescan during backup?

Thanks MK for that quick response!


We got a MSL6060 and DP06.11



We thought:

we can only put a new tape in our library if no backup is currently running. After changing location from mailslot to slotXX we run a barcode scan und format the tape.

But the "timeframe" when no backup is running, is very short.

So we will try to scan for barcodes during backups. Thanks again!