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D2D Drive

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D2D Drive

I have a D2D SN 2UX92706JG PN EH945A it has 2.2 TB of storage. I have both Nics plugged in. It backs up a Prolient Server running Windows Server 2003 SP2 Intel Xeon Processors 2.67 GHZ 4 Gig Ram. 2 Gigbit Nics. I have always thought the performance level was low. 337 Gigs backed up takes 18+ hours. Yesterday they came out to change 2 failed drives. It is re-initializing the raid. It is at 50% and has been running for 1 day 28 minutes. Are these correct times for the performance of this product?
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Re: D2D Drive

337 GB "backup" on your "D2D" takes 18 hours? Personally - I don't think IT is normal.

- How are you "backing" up? What softawre and what Tape Emulation if you use it?

- Are you just mounting an iSCSI disk from your D2D? Are you simply doing windows copies?

- Is your LAN infrastructure Gigabit and can you verify if indeed your server and the D2D appliance is indeed connected at Gigbit speeds?

- And lastly - what kind of data are you "backing up"? Are the data gazillions of "small" files? IF so -- you are suffering a bout of Gazillionitis -- which means you've a NTFS drive/folders that have millions of tiny little files - most backup software known to man dread those kinds of backups.

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