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Dat 72 USB

New Member

Dat 72 USB

Hi, I have a Storageworks DAT 72 USB internal tape drive. However I can't seem to get the drivers to load properly. I keep coming across references to HP_USBSTOR driver, but I can't find it anywhere.

Can anyone help please?

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Re: Dat 72 USB

Assuming you are on Windows... all the drivers for all HP's tape drives are available in a single install at: .

I hope the link works... If not, just select DAT 72 from the support and drivers link at and navigate your way to the tape drivers download.

That should work. You should be able to see the drive show up under device manager.

You can also use LTT's device performance test to check everything is good independent of any backup software. Note the device performance test uses the class driver (Tape0) whereas the other LTT tests (e.g. write read test) go in a level lower so don't verify the driver itself.

Good luck. Richard.
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