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Re: Data Protector and MSL6000 in FC

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Data Protector and MSL6000 in FC

i hope that the problem that i'm explaining can find a solution..

i've a DP 6 (with last patch) and a MSL6060 connected to a SAN (EVA4000) with scsi and Fibre (4Gb) with e1200-320 interface controller.
There is a job that backup data on LUN (mapping with FC is OK), this job are too slow, it runs at 20Mb/s.
I've read much paper and document on DP, also run L&TT for test device, but the prformance of tape library is ok (about 100 Mb/s).

wich type of test can i have to do also?

thanks for your support


Re: Data Protector and MSL6000 in FC

Andrea hi,

Is the slow performance related to this job only?
What kind of data do you have on this LUN?
If there are millions of small filesfor example you should backup to disk first then move to tape.

Can you let us know how is the library has been configured in DP? i.e. block size, multipath...

best regards,
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Re: Data Protector and MSL6000 in FC

thanks Oreste,
this jobs is some slow then the others (network), although this job is through FC.
The data on this LUN are millions of small files (is a fileserver).
The library is configured with multipath host enable on virtual cluster name, block size is 64k but i have try also 256k.

I will do a test that you have advise, backup to disk then to tape..
Maybe a incorrect configuration of StorageWorks e1200-320 4G Interface Controller?
i see on web admin of controller that library is attached on SCSI device, i send you attach.