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Data Protector Express crashes or randomly stops running jobs

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Data Protector Express crashes or randomly stops running jobs

I posted about a similar problem I had at a different site with the same software. Both of these sites have HP Data Protector Express 3.50-SP2 (build 37634) with HP Ultrium 2 448 drives with the latest firmware on a Windows 2003 server.

Basically the software will either randomly stop backing up or the interactive Windows session will display, "Data Protector Express Microsoft Windows Service Driver encountered a problem and needed to close" followed by, "Generic Host Process for Win32 Services encountered a problem and needed to close"

The server is standalone and no user inactivity is causing this to happen, it's happening automatically. We did notice the problem happen once during a holiday, when a tape was missed. There's no errors in the backup logs, and no failures, and the job lists as being completed the last time it was run. I went into the properties of the job, and it displayed as being scheduled to run each of the days it was supposed to have run. After clicking 'OK', the backup started and it's now running...

I contacted HP for technical support but they refused since it's the bundled version. I asked if my clients could receive an updated version since both sites are experiencing problems but that request was also denied.

What could I have similarly setup at these two individual sites that's crashing this program with a triggered bug?

This is infuriating both of my clients (both who refuse to pay more for third party software, as these drives were advertised as having software included) and I've since stopped selling HP Ultrium drives until I can find a solution. Any and all help is greatly appreciated!!!
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Re: Data Protector Express crashes or randomly stops running jobs


I don't think this is an issue with DP express. This is a generic issue in windows could have caused due to some virus, or corrupt file system and so on. There are a lot of answers for this error message in Microsoft help and support.

If you feel this is happening because of DPX, then i will recommand to uninstall the application completely and the install it again. This should resolve the issue

Let me know if this didn't help




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