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Data protector express does not start


Data protector express does not start

Hello, I have install data protector express on a Windows 2008 server. It worked for about a month without problems and today after a reboot I no longer can log in. I get an error saying that the service was not found.

The desired service was not found. Either the service is no longer active, or the machine providing the service is unavailable at this time.

The machine is the local computer.
I checked with windows services and it is running. What is going on? This is very critical for us as we depend our back ups on data protector express.

I downloaded and installed ver 4 but nothing changed.

Thanks in advance for any help.
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Re: Data protector express does not start

Try with both .exe file and the .iso cd image file.

Pablo Alvarado Siles
Pablo Alv Siles