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Device Driver Needed

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Device Driver Needed


I have the following Unknown Device listed in Device Manager "HP C7200 FC Interface SCSI Array Device" Are there any drivers for this that anyone knows of???

I am running Windows 2k SP4
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Re: Device Driver Needed

Is that a tape library? What model?
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Re: Device Driver Needed

To me, this sounds like a scsi-interface or a fiber-interface (hba). If this is HP server hardware, best to install the drivers from the smartstart CD set you got with your system.

Fill out your product at "" and you will find some device hooked into your machine.
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Re: Device Driver Needed

Hello Lisa,

looks like you are having a Galactica Library with an internal Fiberchannel bridge installed in it. There are 2 reason for that message:
First you see it because the Removable Storage Manager is enble. HP recomments to disable this Service in the Services Menue.

Second reason is that this bridge has a controller LUN enable. For the RSM this looks like an array controller. For the Galactica HP also recomments to disable the controller LUN.
For newer bridges, maybe also for this there might be dummy driver available to just get rid of this issue, but disabling of RSM also fixes that.

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Re: Device Driver Needed

I Have the very same issue of Lisa, but the Robotic Library in my system is a DELL PoweVault 128T.

I would like to know exactly the function or the need of that interface because the Veritas BackUp Exec 9.1 that's running on the system seems to work fine with the PV128T.

Is it required to install the drivers or does Veritas deals directly with the robotic library, not needing any SO driver at all?
I'm a little bit lost on that.

Any information would be really apreciated.



Re: Device Driver Needed

Hello all

Im having exactly the same issue, and searching on the web I foud this thread.
How to disable the Controller LUN on this C7200FC bridge??

Im guessing I will have to connect serially to it? Could someone indicate how to do it please.

If someone knows about any driver that fixes this will be welcome too.

Thanks a lot.