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Disabling Secure Manager Feature

Occasional Contributor

Disabling Secure Manager Feature

We got the following message in our EML today.

" Disabling Secure Manager Feature because a management path could not be found for the following devices: DRIVE HU19195G5M "

Please provide me the solution for this
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Re: Disabling Secure Manager Feature

Hi Bathrinath,

Check to see if there is any stuck tape in any drive. Ensure that the FC Cable is plugged in correctly to the drive ( if FC drive) and that the same is detected on SAN. If the LTO drives are SCSI then try to check the CVTL under health summary to see if all the drives are reported ok.
Ensure you are running the latest firmware.

You could start a telnet session to IM and login as admin.
Run the following command synch secmgr and select "y". That should clear the error. If it doesn't then capture a complete support ticket of the library and contact the ESL support at 1-800-633-3600.