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DLT VS80 Does not read media

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DLT VS80 Does not read media

The tape is loaded properly in the tape drive.
but when I try to make the backup through the ntbackup, the following message apears on the screen:
"There is no free media available with this selected type.
Add unused media, or click cancel to end the operation"
I seeked in the forum and found the similar problem related by someone. The solution the suggested is the following:

"First, the DLT VS80 use only brand new DLTiV cartridges. if you had used these media before in aDLT40, DLT70 or DLT80, the VS80 will not be able to write on them until they were degaussed.
Second, if you got this message, this mean you are using NTBackup applet, you should go through Removable Storage to assign media to the free pool, and to format the tape"

Please I would like to know how to degauss and how to assign media to free spool.
I'm using the new tape cartridges and I have Windows 2000 server as the OS

Thank you for your quick reply
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Re: DLT VS80 Does not read media

Dear Suzanne,

If u r using new media then there is no need to deguss it.
Degussing Tape requires special kit, Normally IT recyclers & Data Recovery Centers have this setup, So forget about degussing.

To assign media to free pool, you will find option in Computer management > Removable Storage > Media Pools.
For detailed information u can refer to the help of NTBackup

Tip:Check the staus of Tape Drive in Removable Storage > Physical Locations.
If any cross mark is there on tape drive or there are multiple instances of tape drive then delete all of them & reinstall the driver
If u didn't found any issue with NtBackup & drivers then check the following link for further dignostics guidance

Hope this info will help u out.

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Re: DLT VS80 Does not read media