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DP 6.0 Cannot restore SQL Server databases.

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DP 6.0 Cannot restore SQL Server databases.

Whenever I restore a SQL server database the rsm.exe fails in the cell server.

The windows application eventlog:
Faulting application rsm.exe, version, faulting module rsm.exe, version, fault address 0x000357d0.

I have the latest DP 6.0 patches and it's SQL Server 2000 database I restore.
I restore not to the active database but to a new one.
Both on to another server and the original as another name.
It's the same failure of rsm.exe whatever I do.

I try to restore and old backup from DP 5.5. Don't think this is the issue though because rsm.exe fails long before any media is mounted.

Have anyone and suggestions what to do?
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Re: DP 6.0 Cannot restore SQL Server databases.


RSM.exe is the Removable Storage Manager executable and this is not part of data protector. Likely it is running and the best thing to do is to disable the RSM service completely.

Data Protector uses internal logic to control media changers and does not need RSM.

What you can do is to run the command

net stop "removable storage"

from the commandline.

After that, try again.

Best regards,

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Re: DP 6.0 Cannot restore SQL Server databases.

I mean the D:\Program Files\OmniBack\bin\rsm.exe program that is delivered with the HP Data Protector software.

I have done further testing and i.e. restored a bot older rsm.exe without the latest patches. This means the fault address moves but it still fails.
I have also used a DP 5.5 client and an unpatched DP 6 client but it does not matter.

What does work is to restore SQL databases backed up using DP 6.0.
I tries to restore a SQL database backed up with DP 5.5. When we upgraded to DP 6.0 and I needed to restore the backup.

I guess the rsm.exe fails at once it access the idb, because it fails fery fast and never get to the point reading the actual media.