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DP 6.0: Second Autoloader at remote site...

Occasional Advisor

DP 6.0: Second Autoloader at remote site...

I'd like to setup a DP 6.0 server and autoloader at a remote site (connected via T3)and connect to it from my DP 6.0 CM to manage the backups. Is this possible?

We used to have one autoloader connected to the CM and a second autoloader connected to a "media server" at our local site.

The other constraint is that the data needing to be backed up at the remote site is on a seperate domain.

If possible, is there documentation for this?

Occasional Advisor

Re: DP 6.0: Second Autoloader at remote site...


I joined the server at the remote location to the home domain and added the media agent and user interface. The server has a static IP address from the remote domain and can see the remote domain servers and the home domain servers.

When I try to add a the remote domain servers as clients (using the remote domain admin account) it connects to the server but fails with this error:

" Cannot start the Data Protector bootstrap service on the remote client:
The network path was not found."

This occurs when trying to add clients from the remote medai server and home cell manager.

Any suggestions?