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EML Tape library Security Manager error with LTO5-Drives

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EML Tape library Security Manager error with LTO5-Drives

Hi all,


since a few month, probably after firmware upgrade, I get the following error message, if I try to change Host Access (Security Manager) configuration via Command View TL (Tab Configuration, "Host Access", Action "Edit Host/HBA Access"):


Secure Manager Health State:

Secure Manager Feature is disabled because a path could not be found for the following devices: DRIVE xxx; DRIVE yyy; DRIVE zzz.

Secure Manager's communication path to one or more tape targets or robotic targets is currently unavailable. Secure Manager cannot update Host/HBA maps until all target paths are available...


In the error message only the three LTO5-Drives are listed.


Also via CLI no way to change the configuration. The library and the drives are functionally, so we can backup and restore without problems. But I have to migrate to a new server and so I need to change the security. 


Is anyone out there with a similar problem or knows, to solve this issue?


Many thanks for any help,

best regards






EML E-Series

323 Slots

4 LTO4-, 3 LTO5-, 1 LTO3-Drive


Robotics: 1407 (6.71.00)

IFC: 5963

IM: I270


LTO4: H65S



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Re: EML Tape library Security Manager error with LTO5-Drives

Hi Andreas,


the Reason for the secure manager not able to communicate to the LTO 5 drives can be due to the management port issues. You can try and check the following:


-- check if the network ports from all 3 LTO 5 drives are connected to the Procurv switch and the activity LED is ON

-- check if the Network connection from Interface Manager(IM) is connected, activity is on

-- I am sure one of the above 2 is not working properly. You can try changing the ports on the Procurv switch, network cables and see if that helps


Hope this helps



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Re: EML Tape library Security Manager error with LTO5-Drives

I have the same problem, some one can help me if it's necesary configure ip adrress in LTO-5. The LTO-5 it's conected to Interface Manager in FC port, Command View ETL detect a WWNN, but  the LTO-5 do no connecto to FC port.


Interface Manager and LTO-5 drives are connecto to a switch. But i do know what IP adress have the LTO-5.

I have been searching a user guide EML 103e and LTO5 configuration, but i have not found it.


Any reference

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Re: EML Tape library Security Manager error with LTO5-Drives

What are the extra ports on the Interface controller connected to.

The LTO 5 drive FC ports need to be connected to the FC switch or direct to a host. 

Attach a IM support ticket it will help debug.