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Re: Error code [61:1002]

New Member

Error code [61:1002]

We are trying to backup apache backup route files and the backup hangs with the error code with the error "The agent that works with the Session Manager has been inactive
for over than the global Session Manager timeout period. The Session Manager
did shut the agent down. "
The backup fails and the drive is not recognized from the tool end, But the backup server is able to see all the drives.
I am not sure about the latest patches that needs to be added. Please help me as I am new to DP.
New Member

Re: Error code [61:1002]

Just to provide the complete details. We are using DP 6.0. Once this problem occurs the reboot of the backup server will fix the issue , the drives appears fine from the DP console.

This are the patches which are existing.Please see the attachment.