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Howto transfer license to new Command View server

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Howto transfer license to new Command View server

I am trying to move a command view install from a desktop to a Vmware server, and when i try and add the license key i get a message saying its already registered to the management station. Anyone know how to get around this?
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Re: Howto transfer license to new Command View server


First, you need to take "control" of the EVA using the new Command View. The message I believe you are seeing is telling you that there is another management station "managing" the EVA currently. There are 2 buttons.

When you click the "OK" button, you are telling THAT Command View to take control.

Once you do that, you should not need to do anything with the actual licenses, but if you do, all you need to do is "export" them on the current Command View software and then "import" them once you take control using the new software.

Assuming you did not upgrade from 6.x to 7.x or 8.x, there should be no change in license structure.

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