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HP DPX Bare Metal Disaster Recovery & Win Srv 2008

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HP DPX Bare Metal Disaster Recovery & Win Srv 2008


I'm trying to recover my test server machine with installed Win Srv 2008 and HP Data Protector Express 4.0 SP1 Bare Metal Disaster Recovery option. I created ISO server image (under HP DPX) to boot machine from, and full copy of all disks to local tape LTO3 (local machine backup):

- Disk1 (made of 2 disks in RAID1) with 3 partitions:

  1. System (made automatically by Windows Srv 2008)

  2. Windows ( C: )

  3. Data ( E: )


- Disk2 (made of another 2 disks in RAID1) with 2 partitions:

  1. Data ( F: )

  2. Data ( G: ).


Next I cleared all disks from any partition.

When I boot my server machine with created CD, everything is fine. Next I'm asked to choose source and destination for my backup data ( I can see tape library in 'source window' and Disk1 and Disk2 in 'destination window'.


After 1-2 minutes I get message: "Error description: Failed to restore disk layout/volume information. Error code: 5010."

Next I can only retry or reboot the machine.


When I boot server from another 'tool cd', I can see all partitions created as they should be, but without any data.


What else I did earlier - is adding "H:" letter to Win Srv 2008 boot partition (100 MB) in order to HP DPX work on this operating system (advise from HP forum).


Has anyone met with this problem?


Thanks for any replies!


PS. Sorry for my english.




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Re: HP DPX Bare Metal Disaster Recovery & Win Srv 2008

I have an almost identical setup and have the same problem.  Had to assign a drive letter to the Microsoft Reserved partition to get the backup to work....Error code 2: End of Data with no drive letter assigned.


Same error 5010 when testing disaster recovery from WinPE boot CD.  Using Windows Server 2008 R2.  I used diskpart from the installation media and did a 'clean' command to wipe the partitions and also recreated the RAID volumes on the Dell SAS6ir controller and then tried a disaster recovery restore.  I can see the tape drive and disk volumes from the recovery tool.


Dell Poweredge T310

SC44GE  SAS card with SFF-8047 to SFF-8088 external cable

EH848A HP Storageworks 920 SAS external tape drive

HP C7973A  LTO3 cartridge

HP Data Protector Express 4.0 SP1

Dell SAS6ir  with two RAID1 arrays.


This is very frustrating and shows a very basic lack of testing and quality control on HP's part.  I'd be willing to test any patches or updates that will solve this problem.  Can someone from HP please advise?  Thank you.


EDIT:  The partitions get created and the volumes show the correct filesystem type in spite of the 5010 error.


DISKPART> list disk

  Disk ###  Status         Size     Free     Dyn  Gpt
  --------  -------------  -------  -------  ---  ---
  Disk 0    Online          232 GB  6144 KB
  Disk 1    Online          232 GB  6144 KB
  Disk 2    Online           29 GB      0 B

DISKPART> select disk 0

Disk 0 is now the selected disk.

DISKPART> list partition

  Partition ###  Type              Size     Offset
  -------------  ----------------  -------  -------
  Partition 1    OEM                 62 MB    31 KB
  Partition 2    Primary            100 MB    63 MB
  Partition 3    Primary            232 GB   163 MB

DISKPART> list volume

  Volume ###  Ltr  Label        Fs     Type        Size     Status     Info
  ----------  ---  -----------  -----  ----------  -------  ---------  --------
  Volume 0     F   CD_ROM       CDFS   DVD-ROM      236 MB  Healthy
  Volume 1     C   System Rese  NTFS   Partition    100 MB  Healthy
  Volume 2     E                NTFS   Partition    232 GB  Healthy
  Volume 3     D   DATA         NTFS   Partition    232 GB  Healthy
  Volume 4     G   PATRIOT      FAT32  Removable     29 GB  Healthy
  Volume 5                      RAW    Partition     62 MB  Healthy    Hidden

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Re: HP DPX Bare Metal Disaster Recovery & Win Srv 2008


Hi folks,


DPX 4.x is not a supported version to work on Windows 2008 R2. The next version of DPX supposed to be releasing this September will be supporting Windows 2008 R2.


The same is also clarified in the DPX 4.x Support matrix available at 


Few more days wait should resolve this issue with DPX 5.x







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Re: HP DPX Bare Metal Disaster Recovery & Win Srv 2008

Hello Rajanikant!

Thanks for your reply, but as I can see in the 'matrix' for DPX 4.0 SP1 - page 4, Windows Server 2008 (SP2), Bare Metal Disaster Recovery Option 4 is checked to be supported, so I don't get it.

This or otherwise, I'm looking forward for a new version.





Right, Windows Server 2008 SP2 is not the same as Windows Server 2008 R2. Sorry, my mistake :).

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Re: HP DPX Bare Metal Disaster Recovery & Win Srv 2008

Finally there is new 5.0 version. It's time to check, how it works with Win Srv 2008 R2.