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HP SureStore Optical 2200mx

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HP SureStore Optical 2200mx

Hi. I have bought a HP SureStore Optical 2200mx from a state surplus store. It came with no software. So i just that there would be drivers for it. But there is none. I learned that you have to install a archiving software. I looked here on hp site and tried everything pertaining to the jukebox. but nothing work. I google for one and ran across something call Point Jukebox Manager. Is there a alternative to this software because point's price just BLEW ME CLEAN AWAY. Can Any One help me with this? I really like it and want to use it. Any help is appreciated.
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Re: HP SureStore Optical 2200mx

These devices weren't sold as storage for a single user -- typical use model was archiving and concurrent file access for offices or enterprises. You probably won't find something like Roxio for it, in other words.

FileNet was another SW vendor who used these MO devices. Perhaps that can help you find something appropriate in your price range. Or, you can try looking for GNU/freeware applications, but since this was never a huge market, you might not have a lot of success.

Way Back When (early- to mid-1990s) Compaq and others sold PD drives which I think used similar technology. Perhaps you could find some old PD software, which was more a desktop market. (PD stood, IIRC, for "Phase Dual", a MO technology developed or at least marketed by (again, given the possibility of faulty memory) Panasonic.
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