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MSL2024 drive problem

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MSL2024 drive problem

Drive 1 is registering a tape in the drive when it is emply.  I need to know how to reset this.  The drive is in a state where I cannot manually put a tape in it.  Any suggestions?

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Re: MSL2024 drive problem

Is that the server SW or the robot that indicates a tape in the drive?


I assume that you have rebooted the MSL?


If so, it's probably a sensor in the tape drive itself. And it's not a service job I'd want to undertake to dismantle it in the hope of finding and fixing the sensor.


Another possibility is that a tape load/unload went wrong and part of the mechanism never locked in the correct position.

If so, the drive is probably worn out and should be junked.


Finally, have you verified that no part of any tape is left behind in the drive?

(Tape leader has been known to be pulled off on some tapes during offload. You'll need to carefully disassemble parts of the drive and remove remains and possibly move parts of he mechanism to the 'unloaded' position. Don't ask me how, I don't want the blame... )


In other words, you probably need a replacement drive.


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Re: MSL2024 drive problem

>> Drive 1 is registering a tape in the drive when it is emply.

From where did you get this information?

How about the inventory status in the library web page?

Hope this helps!

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