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MSL2024 LTO-5 FC library connecting to Cisco Nexus

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MSL2024 LTO-5 FC library connecting to Cisco Nexus

Hi all,

I've recently moved my MSL2024 FC tape library from some old Brocade SW300 switches to some new Cisco Nexus 5672UP-16G switches with unified fibre ports.

All our other fibrechannel stuff is working fine on these switches. However, when I move my tape library and my HP DL385 Gen8 hosts (using Emulex 8gb FC nics), the hosts cannot see the library.

I've tried fixing the tape library ports to F mode (instead of Auto) and still no luck.

Could there be an issue with the Windows Gen8 hosts and FC cards? Both Gen8's are running Server 2008 R2. I've tried updating the nic firmware and drivers to the latest supported with 2008 R2 but still no luck. As soon as I move the ports back to the old Brocades, it all works.

I've checked all the zoning and this is fine.

Any ideas?




Re: MSL2024 LTO-5 FC library connecting to Cisco Nexus

Hey Ben,

First things first. There are a few things that need to be checked.

1. Compatibility of the switch and library. Was this checked?

2. Please ensure that the switch supports NPIV

3. If compatible, ensure switch ports and drive ports speed is set to 8GB

The following C series switches are supported:

C-series Firmware Streams HPE SN8500C Director, HPE C-Series Family (MDS 9710) 8.2(2), 8.1(1a), 7.3(1)DY(1), 6.2(21) HPE SN8000C Directors, HPE C-series Family (MDS 9506/ MDS 9509/ MDS 9513) 7.3(1)DY(1), 6.2(21), 5.2(8h) HPE StoreFabric SN6010C 12-port/48-port 16Gb Fibre Channel Switch (MDS9148S) 8.2(2), 8.1(1a), 7.3(1)DY(1), 6.2(21) HPE SN6000C 8Gb Fibre Channel Switch (MDS 9148) 6.2(21), 5.2(8h) HPE C-series Nexus 50x0 Converged Network Switch 5.2(1)N1(9b) Cisco Nexus 5548UP / 5596UP Converged Network Switch 7.3(2)N1(1), 5.2(1)N1(9b) Cisco MDS 9222i 6.2(21), 5.2(8h) Cisco 9506, 9509, 9513 7.3(1)DY(1), 6.2(21), 5.2(8h) Cisco MDS 8Gb Fabric Switch for HPE BladeSystem c-Class 6.2(21), 5.2(8h)

I am an HPE Employee