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Need script to load LTO2 firmware

New Member

Need script to load LTO2 firmware

I'm looking for a script used to upload firmware to drive LTO2 type from a Linux server.
It seems to be ltt- or other release. So , if you, please, provide me this package. thank you .
New Member

Re: Need script to load LTO2 firmware

Hello Pascal,

I'm sorry, I don't have the script you are looking for but I do have a question.

Did you at one time work for NCR?
Did you attend the NCR Tech School in Dayton, Ohio, USA?

If so, I think we met MANY MANY years ago.


Dennis Affleck
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Respected Contributor

Re: Need script to load LTO2 firmware

I also do not have a script.

However -- have you tried HP's Library and Tape Tools? It's a free download from (see the link for value added software), and is available for common flavors of Linux as well as Windows, HP-UX, and many other operating systems.

It will do the firmware upgrade easily.
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