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Robotic movement error: 0x4C - Source empty

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Robotic movement error: 0x4C - Source empty

Dear Experts,

We are getting the following "0x4C - Source empty" error on our MSL4048 tape library. Surprisingly enough searching on Google for this particular error brings "no results", so this is the reason why I decided to ask the question on this forum.

I did find an article that talks about "0x8A - HE: slider blocked" global error code., but the robotic movement error code is different in that article. They basically said to check if tapes are not hard to pull/push in/out storage slots. I have never noticed that when replacing the tapes. And the error occurs intermittently and I had seen backup ran on that tape that was referenced in the error a few days after the error appeared. The tape was not manually pulled after the error.

During the time of the error our SCOM system reported the "DPM: Library not available (3301)" alerts as well.

DPM Alert description:
Source: Hewlett Packard MSL G3 Series library (x64 based)
Last modified by: System
Alert description: Tape Library Hewlett Packard MSL G3 Series library (x64 based) could not be contacted. All jobs for Tape Library Hewlett Packard MSL G3 Series library (x64 based) will fail if the connection is not established. (ID: 3301). DPM encountered an error while attempting to control the autoloader on library Hewlett Packard MSL G3 Series library (x64 based) (ID: 25100)

Error details from the library itself:
16.12.31 02:19:11.79 Libctrl task Error - Source unexpectedly empty
Return status: 0x80 - command failed
Global error code: 0x8A - HE: slider blocked
Robotic movement error: 0x4C - Source empty
Current command: 0x15 - move cartridge
Task originator: 0x02 - CDB interpreter task
Extender library specifier: 0x00 - master library
Source element type.: 0x02 - storage slot
Element number: 0x15, 21
Destination element type.: 0x04 - tape drive
Element number: 0x01, 1
Component ID type: 0x02 - medium PVT (barcode)
Component ID: TP0077L5 (this is the tape name)

Library informaiton:
Model: MSL4048
Product ID: MSL G3 Series
Currently Installed Library Firmware: 8.30 / 3.20e
Bootcode Firmware Revision: 0.60
Barcode Reader: CSE600
Library Mode: Automatic, Random
Library Controller Version: LCM 1.0

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Re: Robotic movement error: 0x4C - Source empty

The robot was asked by the application to move a tape from slot to drive, but there was no tape in the slot.

Maybe the application did not do an inventory after swapping tapes around manually?

However, you may consider to update the lib firmware to version 9.00 meanwhile.

Hope this helps!

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Re: Robotic movement error: 0x4C - Source empty


Thank you for your quick response. This is odd. I know that I had re-ran inventory on DPM and then validated that all of the new tapes showed up there. In addition to upgrading the library firmware, are there any other troubleshooting steps that I could take to resolve this intermittently occuring issue?