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Storage suggestions for backup jobs

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Storage suggestions for backup jobs

Hello Team,


We have a total of 20 Servers. Applications include


1) Exchange Server         -- now 250-300GB

2) 3 File Servers               -- now 800+600 GB

3) 2 SQL Server                 -- 150 GB    

4) Active Directory Servers -- 150 GB  


Sizes mentioned are approximate. If we take a full backup weekly we may need 3TB storage.


We have the below storage

1) HP MSL2024 1 LTO-4 Ultrium 1760 SAS Tape Library    -- 10 tapes each with 1.6TB

          In this there is room for 12 more tapes


2) HP ProLiant SE1220                 --- 6TB

       -- Using this as B2D disk.


We want to include the existing storage and decide on a storage strategy.


If possible we can go for upgrades/additions on the existing ones

 --> New ones mean adding tapes in the library – this can be possible.

 --> I wanted B2D disks for the Exchange backup jobs.


Can we upgrade the existing HP ProLiant Server to latest model wit more storage which can also can be used as a archive storage.


Based on the above number of servers and storage availability ,could you please suggest me in deciding on storage.

Please let me know if you guys have any questions for me .


Thanks again .



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Re: Storage suggestions for backup jobs



I know this isn't directly answering your question...but I would suggest you work with your local HP team or HP partner to help craft a solution to meet your needs.  This way there is a more thorough understanding of the environment which will lead to a solution that meets your main objecives,  Crafting a soltuion that prioritizes  your "must haves" while also acknowledging the "like to haves" is key in my opinion.


Feel free to private message me if you have further questions.





I work for HPE.