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StorageWorks issue

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StorageWorks issue

Dear Forum users and expert,


I am having an issue with my HP StorageWork backup drive, I am using Symantec exec and recently my full backup will stop after few minutes stating a device malfunction, I tried almost everthing on the symantec side and nothing is working.


Today I tried the tape tool and I got diagnostics reports such as:


Overwite Failed

3.4 m/sec tape speed

Forward direction..........

Problem have been reported the drive is not recommended for use


The drive assessment test failed on this drive within the last 7 days

Final test status: failed


Is there a way to save my drive? whch steps should I take?


Thank you for your help.





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Re: StorageWorks issue

"StorageWorks" was the old name for all hp storage products, so what exactly do you have?

After doing an assessment test, pull the support ticket and attach. Someone can read it and advise.

Try another tape too.


Hope this helps!

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