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Ultrium 3 960 Offline in Backup Exec 2010

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Ultrium 3 960 Offline in Backup Exec 2010

I have a 2008 64bit Std Server sp1. We have Backup Exec 2010. We are also reusing a Ultrium 3 960 tape device. The Ultrium 3 is using driver version and firmware G66D. Me moved the tape device from a 2000 Server and the tape device was working fine. Device Manager of the 2008 server recognizes the tape device. Backup Exec recognized the device but says it is "offline". I have forced the tape drive "online" and tried to inventory it and it would fail saying the tape drive is "offline". L&TT V.4.9 says the device is not supported.
Any suggestions on how to get the Ultrium 3 960 "online"?
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Re: Ultrium 3 960 Offline in Backup Exec 2010

Have you re-started Backup Exec services. This is normally required when you add a new device. Try deleting the device and then re-start services and let the software re-detect it. LT&T should be able to run tests on the device but may interfere with Backup Exec operation.