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2nodes + FOM - removed hosts - added new hosts - no quorum

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2nodes + FOM - removed hosts - added new hosts - no quorum

Hello all,

stupid thing but I`ve done it...

ESXI01 storing VSA01 500gb

ESXI02 storing VSA02 500gb

1 ESXI host storing the FOM

One management Group named VSAMG

I needed more space as per Free1Tb Storevirtual so I went and added additional hdd`s and thought to reconfigure RAID`s one by one

Moved the VM`s to ESXI02, rebooted ESXI01 - added HDD`s - reconfigured RAID (stupidly enough without removing VSA01 from the CMC) - all good - I can install VSA01_1TB fine 

Stupid move #2 - I`ve added the new VSA01_1TB to the same MGMT Group - VSAMG

since ESXI02 with VSA02 was still there I had quorum and it worked to move the VM`s to the new increased 1TB storage

when I took down ESXI02 and reconfigured RAID (of course I haven`t removed VSA02 prior) all went south due to lack of quorum

Now my CMC shows 2 clusters, 1 offline with 2 nodes unreachale and 1 available with 1 host and I can`t do anything as I cannot regain quorum

I`ve tried to run recoverQuorum on my alive host VSA01_1TB - result - cliqutilityfailed

I`ve tried to set up 2 new VSA`s with same name and MAC address - I get that error in CMC telling that the VSA`s should be in MGMT Group but they thing that they don`t belong there - Managers are presented as offline - stuck

a pic attached 

Q1 - coordinating manager is the alive 1tb appliance so far but I can`t manage to regain quorum due to CMC seeing 4hosts - 3 regular 1 failover hence not being able to add systems/storage/delete volumes anything

Q2 - I have no contract/subscription with HP - how am I supposed to open a SR with them - their websites are insane 

Hope I can solve it with your help 

Many thanks


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Re: 2nodes + FOM - removed hosts - added new hosts - no quorum

I`m loosing hope on my exchange server seeing nobody knows how to forcefully regain quorum in 1 node situation

nobody has any clue?

Many thanks,